Abbie’s Hair & Makeup

Hair and makeup is a topic that comes up a lot when planning a session, so I wanted to give you a little behind the scenes of Abbie getting ready for her session.

80-90% of our clients are girls and at least 75% of them decide to get professional hair and makeup for their session. That means most of the girls you are seeing on my site have had their hair and makeup was done by a member of my beauty team! A lot of times when clients choose to opt out of this service the reason is that “they want to look like themselves”. Absolutely! I want that too! The goal is always to keep you looking natural, elegant, and youthful.

To me, professional styling adds that little bit of polish that helps elevate your pictures. If you are spending good money on photos you want to look your best and a hair and makeup artist can help you enhance your natural beauty and get a smoother, cleaner, and more polished look than you may have on your own. Also, they have an understanding of how to apply the right amount of makeup to help you look your best on camera so you’re not flat or washed out.

Check Out Abbie’s Experience!

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