We’ve Opened a New Cleveland Boudoir Photography Studio!

Some of you who know me know that I’ve always had a passion for boudoir photography. For the last Two and a half years I employed as the lead photographer for a Cleveland boudoir photography studio where I had the opportunity to shoot over 300 women. It was a great experience but like all things there is a time to move on. So now I am thrilled to announce my OWN venture, the opening of Modern Luxe Studios located in the West End of Lakewood Ohio! We specialize in sexy and making every woman feel beautiful. It is my true passion in life to help women have more confidence and embrace their true beauty and I am honored to have this medium to do that through. So let’s have some fun! Let your hair down, kick your pants off and step outside your comfort zone! I promise it’ll feel amazing!

Meet Modern Luxe Studios!

Cleveland Boudoir Photography

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